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Anwar Parvez
PR Relative in Canada PR Relative in Canada PR Relative in Canada PR Relative in Canada

PR Relative in Canada

  1. I claimed points for PR relative in Canada in Express Entry but unfortunately she is currently not living in Canada. She will go to Canada probably 5 months from now. I stay have score of 481 will PR Relative and without that it is 466. Can I apply without showing PR Relative in Canada. Will that be misrepresentation? The fact that my PR Relative is not living in Canada right now I'm not quite sure which one would be correct decision.  lI currently have her PR card and Health Card with me to prove her PR status. outside Canada. Her husband in living in Canada right now. In that case how can I explain the situation to IRCC and can I still claim points. Please advise me.  thanks

Shadia Swati
Shadia Swati

In IRCC site it says ‘brother or sister living in Canada ' that means you have to submit her proof of living like rental documents or pay stub and also a strong explanation letter explaining why she is staying outside of Canada for a long time. As you already have CRS score 466, there is a strong chance to get ITA with this score. If you don't want to take any risk, then you can use your own score which is 466. 

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