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Ashraful Islam
About Super Visa and its insurance About Super Visa and its insurance About Super Visa and its insurance About Super Visa and its insurance

About Super Visa and its insurance

As Salamu Alaikum

I have some queries about Super Visa for parents.

1. After moving to canada, whenever i get a job, can i apply for my mother Super Visa? Or or i need to wait few months or years?

2. Does 3 years tax return document needed for Super Visa too ? Or it is only a requirement for Family Sponsorship visa ?

3. The medical insurance requirement for Super Visa applicant is 100,000 CAD which is too high. And needs to be paid prior to the application. How do people really manage it ? I mean do everyone actually pay this full or i am missing something here.

3. Does people pay this from canada or there is any way to pay this from Bangladesh as well ? As per i guess sending this huge amount from Bangladesh is not allowed by the govt. Or there is any way ?

4. Do this medical insurance needs to be renewed every year or only first year is good ?

5. Do i get any refund at the end of this year if my mother doesn't need any medical treatment withing this time ?

6. The LICO salary threshold for 1 person is 24+k CAD. So it means my current salary*12 needs to be at least this limit ? Or my last year income needs to be this limit?

Thanks a lot for your time. I will be really grateful.

Shadia Swati
Shadia Swati

Please follow this link for Super Visa: Click this link

Ashraful Islam
Ashraful Islam

Hello Apu,

Thank you for your reply. 

I have already watched this video.

But i think the insurance and tax requirements in this video doesnt match with the cic or other websites.

However this video doesnt answer my specific questions.

So apu if you please take a little time to answer my specific questions, i will be really really grateful.

I have been confused for so long.

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