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About ECA and Settlement programme About ECA and Settlement programme About ECA and Settlement programme About ECA and Settlement programme

About ECA and Settlement programme

Hi. I have completed  BBA( 4 years), MBA(1 year)  from public university and 2 years 10 months job experience in pvt company( frieght forwarding).My husband has completed BBA(4 years) and MBA(1 year) from public univertsity and govt job holder for 6 years. 

we want to do ECA but We Dont do IELTS till now. After sending docs of ECA, we are planning to seat for IELTS.if we want to get masters equivalency, from where we should do ECA.

And please suggest me as per our education and job experience which immigration programme will be best for us.  

Shadia Swati
Shadia Swati

For ECA: if you have credit waiver for your post graduation or if the MBA is an executive degree, then there is a chance that WES might not evaluate your degree as a Master degree. However, University of Toronto could be a best fit for you. 

FOR IMMIGRATION PROGRAM: Your age is not mentioned here. It is hard to suggest a particular immigration program that would best fit for you. Assuming that the first applicant among you is in between 30-35 and he/she has Master degree, and he/she has at least 3 years job experience and also has CLB 9 in each band od IELTS, the you might be a very successful applicant under express entey program. For provincial nomination program, you have to look at their job demand list and if that matches with your one, you may proceed with that. 

Please feel free to ask any of your further query here. Thanks for joining our Forum :)

Shadia Swati
Shadia Swati

For ECA related details please follow the link: http://immigrationandsettlement.org/Blog/Index/a5459a00-b260-41bd-9957-a9042de03531

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